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Smokey T’s BBQ Sauce Project

Recently smokey T's released a BBQ sauce, glaze and all-purpose rub. These products will be found in new world's  PAK'nSAVE’s and four squares all over the South Island of New Zealand.


Smokey T’s is a highly stylish, minimalist look Using black, white and red colours. We created these images to suit that Pallet.   


Not only do they have incredible products, but their restaurant on Cashel Street in Christchurch is one of the most popular restaurants in Christchurch & New Zealand, winning The People's Choice Award for three years in a row.


Their mouth-watering smoked barbecue meat and sides will knock your socks off. Check them out and get down there for some fantastic food, Smokey T's is a great brand to work for here, and we love doing their product photography.

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