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Tom & Melissa

"Their love is friendship set to movement and music, what attracted them to one another was their melody within their hearts, and as they have grown their friendship, they soon learned quickly and became in sync" were the words of Tania Johnston-Scott - Celebrant.

Melissa and Tom met in high school; it took some time before they appreciated how amazing each other were. After being away at University, Tom grows tall, strong, and a mane of hair to die for. Tom’s love for Melissa is profound and emotional; It is beautiful to see.

The venues hosting the wedding are some of the most stunning venues in New Zealand. Tom prepared himself and his Regency-era attire at the famous Christchurch Central Art Center, where the building’s old brick and towering spires set the scene for the day.

Melissa adorned a stunning wedding dress from Wilkins Bridal, which accentuated the day’s theme, reflecting the style and era they had designed their wedding around. She wore a traditional vale which was entirely in keeping with the look and feel of the day.

After a morning of nibbles and wine at the Heritage Hotel Christchurch and makeup by Addy Makeup, Melissa entered the historic Rose Chapel to the sound of a violin and organ, and her friends and family gathered. Her husband-to-be was eagerly waiting for her.

“The Rose Chapel has born witness to many a happy marriage, and we are blessed to be a part of its loving energy, and it is a peaceful space to celebrate love, family, and community,” spoke Tania Johnston-Scott, the celebrant.

The group then moved to “The Great Hall” back at the Art Center to enjoy music from a live band - Black & Gold, bouquets and florals from Miss Fliss, and fine dining with White Tie Catering.

The effort that Tom and Melissa put into their place settings and decorations was a level above. JS Hobby Cuts helped a lot. They made all the laser-printed bookmarks, wishing wells, cake toppers, and other details.

”The China Cabinet” provided vintage china dinner plates, the silver tea service, and a wedding cake stand.

Melissa and Tom are Base Acro & Dance-lifters, so they wowed their friends and family with their first dance. It was one of the highlights of such an incredible day.


We genuinely wish Tom & Melissa the best in their marriage, together they will only grow stronger and happier.

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